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Avaus Expert Talks 7: Automate at scale – While keeping your team sane

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Becoming data-driven means increasing automation levels across marketing, sales and customer service. As a leader looking to become data driven, you must not forget about your team who might be struggling to keep up with the change. 

While increasing automation levels and becoming data driven seems like a no brainer – many organizations feel overwhelmed with the daunting task. Balancing development initiatives with operative daily operations creates an overload that leads to increasing inefficiency, confusion and even issues with the wellbeing in the teams supposed to make it all happen.

In this Avaus Expert Talks we discuss how marketing, sales and cx leaders can create clarity for teams working with increasing digital and data driven intensiveness.

Topics covered 

  • What are the main areas creating unclarity and how to mitigate?
  • Eyes on the prize and sense of progress – how not to burn out your digital development team

Emma Storbacka
Group CEO at Avaus

Emma Storbacka is the CEO of Avaus. She believes all companies will be driven by algorithms in the future. Emma has strong experience working in management advisory for marketing transformation for global organisations, developing their digital marketing initiatives by breaking silos and bringing marketing and technology closer to each other.



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