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Next Avausian?

Are you comfortable remaining in your comfort zone? Then you are welcome to apply at one of our competitors.

Why Avaus?

We here at Avaus are building a company together where our people want to work. A company that offers the best opportunities to learn more and faster than anywhere else. A community for individuals who are eager to take ownership, have the ambition and will to work hard together with great colleagues, all around the world. A place for individuals who strive for learning, growth and measurable results without losing the human touch and having fun while doing it. A company where our people thrive in an ever changing environment. As a team. As people. As individuals.

Hello, is it you we're looking for?

As a fast growing company, conditions can change rapidly. That’s why we hire people with a consultant can-do attitude that embrace change as a positive force – And we only hire adults. This has got nothing to do with age, but it means that we look for people who:

  • Have a strong sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Know that professionalism doesn’t rule out having fun
  • Are self-motivated and curious
  • Are as eager to teach as they are to learn
  • Actively drive their own development
  • Are prepared to work with cross-border teams, enjoy cultural diversity and the challenges of cross-border work

Are you up for the challenge?

If you, like us, think these traits are important and stimulating, and would like to work in an environment where this atmosphere is fostered, then you’d probably enjoy working with us!

Open application

Open positions

Open Application

Posted on 27.1.19

We are always looking for new Talents to join our growing teams.

We can guarantee you an unforgettable ride, a lot of new learnings and the opportunity to develop as fast as you want. For this to be a happy relationship, we are looking for people that:

  • Have a real interest in marketing, technology and data
  • Are fast learners, have a curious mind and a positive learning attitude
  • Have good communication skills and excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Have a customer-first attitude
  • Pay attention to detail and quality
  • Know their way around digital ways of working

What you will get in return

  • A warm welcome and smooth induction into Avaus’ way of working and culture
  • Work with domestic and global marketing projects for large Nordic companies
  • Opportunities to work closely with creative content, growth hacking, marketing automation, analytics, media and marketing strategy experts
  • International, fun team with regular team events (Check us out on Instagram!)
  • A unique, open office environment in the heart of Helsinki's or Stockholm's creative industries district

About Avaus

Avaus Marketing Innovations is the leading marketing innovator in the Nordics. We provide cutting edge marketing innovations supported by the strongest technical, creative and analytical competencies in the marketing industry. We are located in Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk and Munich. Now we are looking for new talent to join our growing team of +150 marketing professionals!

Tell us who you are and leave your application soon!

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System Specialist, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Posted on 11.6.19

We are looking for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist/ Superhero!

You are a changemaker like we are and eager to work in a dynamic environment serving Nordic top brands in their digital transformation. You will have a central role in our teams, understanding our clients’ businesses and technological needs, and capable to implement solutions that meet and exceed them. Relevant Salesforce certifications are a big plus, and our ambition is to make sure you will get even more of them!


Your key responsibilities include:

  • Develop and operate Salesforce Marketing Cloud for our clients
  • Develop, operate and optimise personalisation, campaigns and workflows
  • Expand Marketing Cloud usage including new Salesforce modules
  • Give insight and consultation on best practices for Marketing Cloud back-end and front-end functionalities
  • Drive business results trough insight and optimisation
  • Collaborative mindset and close cooperation with the client(s) partly at client premises
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Culture Cornerstones

We are company of diverse talent, ranging from data scientists to management consultants, and experience specialists to technology consultants. What we all share is the Avaus culture, embodied in our six culture cornerstones. As an employee, a customer, a partner or someone watching us from afar – you will notice that we care about:



Whether it is preparing a presentation, working on a piece of code or co-creating novel ideas with our customers – we believe that 1+1 is more than 2 when it comes to putting our brains to work.


Ambition and Mastery
We have different skill sets and interest areas, but what we all share is an ambition to excel in our chosen field, to continuously learn more and to broaden our perspectives by learning from each other.


Take Ownership
We take active ownership of the solutions we provide – we are seen as a trustworthy partner due to our agnostic approach, and we take ownership of the solution we recommend or build for our customers.


Human Touch
We are on this earth for a short time only – and besides doing the work that we care about and that matters to us, we care about our work-life balance, and having a creative working environment, both physically and socially.


We are not stiff, and compared to your typical consultancy we are a lot more relaxed to be around. No suits, rather ping-pong and Friday wine lottery. We have fun together, but also include our customers in that fun!


We are a growth company, and we are creating growth for our customers. If our customers are investing in us and not having a positive ROI, we don’t feel happy with our work.  We seek to produce tangible business results or the capabilities to deliver business results in the future.