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Next Avausian?

Are you comfortable remaining in your comfort zone? Then you are welcome to apply at one of our competitors.

Why Avaus?

We here at Avaus are building a company together where our people want to work. A company that offers the best opportunities to learn more and faster than anywhere else. A community for individuals who are eager to take ownership, have the ambition and will to work hard together with great colleagues, all around the world. A place for individuals who strive for learning, growth and measurable results without losing the human touch and having fun while doing it. A company where our people thrive in an ever changing environment. As a team. As people. As individuals.

Hello, is it you we're looking for?

As a fast growing company, conditions can change rapidly. That’s why we hire people with a consultant can-do attitude that embrace change as a positive force – And we only hire adults. This has got nothing to do with age, but it means that we look for people who:

  • Have a strong sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Know that professionalism doesn’t rule out having fun
  • Are self-motivated and curious
  • Are as eager to teach as they are to learn
  • Actively drive their own development
  • Are prepared to work with cross-border teams, enjoy cultural diversity and the challenges of cross-border work

Are you up for the challenge?

If you, like us, think these traits are important and stimulating, and would like to work in an environment where this atmosphere is fostered, then you’d probably enjoy working with us!

Open application

Open positions

Open Application

Posted on 27.1.19

We are always looking for new Talents to join our growing teams.

We can guarantee you an unforgettable ride, a lot of new learnings and the opportunity to develop as fast as you want. For this to be a happy relationship, we are looking for people that:

  • Have a real interest in marketing, technology and data
  • Are fast learners, have a curious mind and a positive learning attitude
  • Have good communication skills and excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Have a customer-first attitude
  • Pay attention to detail and quality
  • Know their way around digital ways of working

What you will get in return

  • A warm welcome and smooth induction into Avaus’ way of working and culture
  • Work with domestic and global marketing projects for large Nordic companies
  • Opportunities to work closely with creative content, growth hacking, marketing automation, analytics, media and marketing strategy experts
  • International, fun team with regular team events (Check us out on Instagram!)
  • A unique, open office environment in the heart of Helsinki's or Stockholm's creative industries district

About Avaus

Avaus Marketing Innovations is the leading marketing innovator in the Nordics. We provide cutting edge marketing innovations supported by the strongest technical, creative and analytical competencies in the marketing industry. We are located in Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk and Munich. Now we are looking for new talent to join our growing team of +150 marketing professionals!

Tell us who you are and leave your application soon!

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Junior Data Scientist

Posted on 04.3.19

Our Company

Avaus Marketing Innovations is the leading marketing transformation partner in the Nordics. Our mission is to foster customer-centric organisations equipped to grow and face the future by fusing the power of data & technology with experience design. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk, and Munich where we work with leading Nordic B2C and B2B companies.

Our Team

Our analytics team provides our clients with the backbone to data-driven business, ever increasing client performance. We convert data into actionable insight, intelligent marketing programs, and personalized customer experiences. Our team consists of best in class data scientists, data- and digital analysts and is currently experiencing rapid growth.

Your Role

We’re looking for a brilliant changemaker and keen Data Scientist to work in a dynamic environment serving Nordic top brands in their digital transformation. You will be working with long-term strategic, technical solutions and complex data analytics within several areas and businesses. There are fantastic opportunities for accelerated personal development as you will work closely with our experienced analysts, data scientists and consultants. Your key responsibilities will be participating in developing and implementing mathematical models, performing analysis of structured and unstructured data, automating analyses and designing experiments. 


  • An analytical and creative mind combined with an interest in solving commercial issues

  • Critical thinking and suggesting new angles of thought/ways of working

  • Statistical programming and statistical modeling (example: R/Python/Spark)

  • Fluent Swedish and English language skills

  • Master of Science/Engineering

  • Good communications and presentation skills

  • Databases and cloud services (SQL, Hadoop)

Application deadline

Please send your application as soon as possible, but no later than April 19 2019. If you have any questions about the position please contact Henrik Nordström,

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Data Engineer

Posted on 16.12.18

Our Company

Avaus Marketing Innovations is the leading marketing transformation partner in the Nordics. Our mission is to foster customer-centric organisations equipped to grow and face the future by fusing the power of data & technology with experience design. Our offices are located in Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk, and Munich where we work with leading Nordic B2C and B2B companies.

Your Role

We are looking for a keen and data loving Data Engineer to join our growing team of specialists who provide the technical backbone needed for data driven and personalized customer experience. You will work in an Agile environment together with our team of Data Scientists to design and implement efficient and manageable machine learning data pipelines. The role also includes designing, development and enhancement of data warehouse processes which delivers data to be used for analytics and reporting purposes. You will have a client facing role and work in close collaboration with our clients’ business and technical stakeholders in order to capture and understand requirements for complex data solutions. Your main responsibilities will be to develop data pipelines which are able to productionize the ingestion, cleansing, transformation of data and the implementation of machine learning algorithms while keeping the business objectives of our clients in focus.

Application deadline

Please send your application as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the position please contact Martin Wennström,

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Avaus Helsinki is looking for a Data Scientist

Posted on 27.1.19

We are looking for an ambitious and business-oriented digital native to join the growing Avaus Marketing Innovations team in Helsinki!

Your key responsibilities, while working as a Data Scientist / Junior Data Scientist, will be participating in developing, implementing and maintaining our clients’ data analytics pipeline, including data extraction, cleaning, modeling, and reporting. All this with the customer's business objectives in primary focus, ensuring we provide top level analytical and predictive insights based on data. You will be working with long-term strategic, technical solutions and complex machine learning within several areas and businesses.

You will be working close to our customers which means that an understanding of the customer's business objectives, as well as their technical solutions, is an important part of the role. You will also have the opportunity to work closely with very experienced and skilled analysts/data scientists and consultants within data-driven marketing which means there are fantastic opportunities for future development.

You need this to succeed in your role

  • An analytical and creative mind combined with an interest in solving commercial issues

  • Critical thinking and suggesting new angles of thought/ways of working

  • Willing to learn new techniques and tools

  • Experience in statistical programming and modeling methods

  • Excellent command of programming languages related to this field (e.g. R, Python, Spark)

  • Experience with basic Machine Learning algorithms for supervised learning (logistic regression, random forest, gradient boosting, etc) and unsupervised learning (PCA, k-means, etc)

  • Experience in SQL and relational databases

  • Experience and interest in visualizing data

  • MSc / BSc degree in statistics, applied mathematics, computational sciences, or in some related quantitative field

  • Fluent in English

This will help you succeed in this role

  • Knowledge on more advanced ML methods like deep learning, collaborative filtering and statistical techniques (e.g. classification, regression, recommendation, pattern matching)

  • Experience in big data platforms and tools (Hadoop, Spark)

  • Experience in machine learning and data cleaning tools (RapidMiner, Alteryx)

  • Experience in data visualization tools (Tableau, QlikView)

  • PhD / post-graduate studies in relevant field and / or analytical approach to problem solving

To succeed at Avaus you need to understand our customer’s business and needs, be analytical and proactive. As a person, we hope that you are open minded and loaded with good team spirit and a “can-do” attitude!

Working in Avaus means working with a diverse set of top-notch colleagues and experts in creative content, growth hacking, marketing technologies, analytics, media and marketing strategy. We work in international cross-competence teams and with Nordic top brands. If you choose to work with us, you will have a high degree of freedom and unique opportunities to develop your professional skills.


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Marketing Automation Consultant(s) und Experten (Marketo, Adobe und Salesforce)

Posted on 27.1.19

Gelangweilt von traditionellen Hierarchien, Organigrammen, langsamen Prozessen, konventionellen Denkweisen und Umgebungen, in denen man gerne sagt „wir haben das schon immer so gemacht“? Betrachtest Du dich selbst als „Macher“, als wissbegierig, als jemand, der Neues und Unbekanntes sucht, jemand der sich weiterentwickeln, Veränderung vorantreiben und den Status Quo hinterfragen will?

Wenn Du diese Fragen mit „Ja“ beantwortest, dazu noch ein ‚Growth Mindset‘ hast, dich in einer Startup-Umgebung wie zuhause fühlst und eine Leidenschaft für Marketing Transformation, Marketing Automation, Digitalisierung und neue Technologien mitbringst, solltest Du weiterlesen.

Wir sind die führende Marketingberatung und Agentur für datengetriebenes Marketing in Skandinavien und im Rahmen unseres Wachstums seit September auch in München präsent. Wir sind auf der Suche nach begabten, verlässlichen und erfahrenen Talenten, die wachstumsorientiert denken, neugierig sind und gerne eine aktive Rolle bei der Zukunftsgestaltung einer erfolgreichen und agilen Marketing-Agentur spielen möchten. Wir suchen Teamplayer die gerne Herausforderungen annehmen und es lieben, Lösungen für die Probleme unserer Kunden zu finden. Ausgezeichnete Kommunikationsfähigkeiten in Wort und Schrift in Englisch und ein verhandlungssicheres Deutsch setzen wir voraus.

Wir bieten Dir ein neues und modern eingerichtetes Büro im Münchener Zentrum in der Nähe bekannter Technologieunternehmen und viel Raum für Eigeninitiative, steile Lernkurven und ein spannendes Umfeld mit den Zukunftsthemen des Marketings. Vor allem im Bereich Marketing Automation sind wir sehr stark aufgestellt und haben bereits über 100 Automation Projekte erfolgreich für unsere Kunden umgesetzt.     

Wen suchen wir?

Die Marketing Automation Consultants sind die Dreh- und Angelpunkte in unseren Projekten, weil Sie in dieser Rolle sowohl extern direkter Ansprechpartner für unsere Kunden und unserer Technologiepartner sind, als auch intern die Hauptschnittstelle für unsere Spezialisten-Teams bilden. was die Stelle anspruchsvoll, aber auch erfüllend macht. Wir suchen daher Berater in Vollzeit mit mindestens 2-3 Jahren Erfahrung und Hintergrund in den Bereichen Digitalisierung, Marketing Transformation und vor allem Marketing Automation in B2B- und/oder B2C-Umgebungen. Du verfügst bereits über Nachweise in der erfolgreichen Kundenbetreuung und besitzt starke Consulting- und Projektmanagementfähigkeiten. Du bist Teil eines Marketing-Transformation Teams und bist für den praktischen Einsatz einiger marktführender Technologien im heutigen digitalen Marketing zuständig. Du gestaltest in dieser Position ansprechende und personalisierte Omnichannel Kundenerlebnisse und förderst die Ergebnisse durch die Marketing-Automatisierung über digitale Kanäle. Du kreierst Workflows, Use Cases, Personas, führst Marketing-Kampagnen über unterschiedliche Kanäle durch, analysierst Ergebnisse, implementierst kontinuierliche A/B-Tests und stellst Verbesserungsvorschläge auf die unsere Kunden weiter voranbringen.

Die Marketing Automation Solution Experten sind die Experten in unseren Marketing Automation Projekten, die Seite an Seite mit unseren Beratern bei der Umsetzung und technischen Implementierung von einfachen bis zu komplexen Automatisierungsvorhaben für unsere B2B und B2C Kunden arbeiten.  Wir suchen daher Spezialisten in Vollzeit mit mindestens 2-3 Jahren Erfahrung in der technischen Implementierung von Marketing Automation Lösungen mit entsprechenden ‚hands-on‘ Erfahrungen in der erfolgreichen Umsetzung, Integration oder Anpassung von Lösungen der Technologieunternehmen Marketo / Adobe und/oder Salesforce sowie entsprechenden Nachweisen bzw. Zertifizierungen.

Was solltest Du auf jeden Fall mitbringen?

Als Marketing Automation Consultant verfügst Du über ausgezeichnete Projektmanagement- und Analysefähigkeiten und besitzt umfassende Erfahrungen mit und Wissen über mindestens einer Marketing-Automatisierungsplattformen von entweder Adobe (z.B. Campaign Manager) und/oder Salesforce (z.B. Marketing Cloud) und/oder Marketo. Zusätzliche Kenntnisse über den gesamten Markt und weitere Tools wie z.B. Hubspot oder Eloqua sind von Vorteil. Du hast die Fähigkeit, den größeren Kontext zu erfassen und zu verstehen, wie Marketing-Automatisierung in die allgemeine Marketing-Landschaft integriert werden kann.

Als Marketing Automation Solution Experte kann die bei dem Thema Marketing Automation niemand etwas vormachen und du kannst sowohl Demos führen sowie technische Fragen unserer Kunden kompetent und einfach erklärt beantworten. Keine Journey ist dir zu komplex und du freust dich wenn du gefordert bist mehr als einfache Email Flows zu automatisieren (das kannst du im Schlaf). Als Experte beleuchtest Du gemeinsam mit Kundenteams vor Ort den Ist-Zustand und konzipierst, spezifizierst und implementierst die entsprechenden Lösungen. Gute Kenntnisse in XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, relationalen Datenbanken, SQL sowie der Datenintegration sind ein Plus.

Wer ist Avaus?

Avaus ist die führende Agentur für datengetriebenes Marketing und einer der Vordenker aus dem Bereich der Marketing Transformation in den nordischen Ländern mit Büros in Helsinki, Stockholm, Danzig und München. Unterstützt von einem 150+ starkem Team bestehend aus Experten der Kompetenzbereiche Digitales Marketing, Transformation, Technologien, Marketing Automation, Analytik sowie Growth Hacking, unterstützt das Unternehmen B2B und B2C Kunden bei ihrer digitalen Transformation mit strategischen Beratungsleistungen und Technologie Implementierungen. Avaus bietet seinen Kunden und speziell deren Marketing, Vertriebs- und Kundenservice Organisationen ein umfangreiches Leistungsspektrum, um sich sowohl zukunftssicher und innovativ aufzustellen, als auch sich zu transformieren um im Zeitalter der KI nicht nur zu überleben, sondern weiterhin profitabel zu wachsen. Dazu gehört neben der unabhängigem Beratung und Strategieentwicklung auch die Implementierung von Marketing Plattformen sowie die Durchführung und Optimierung von digitalen Marketing Programmen. Avaus verfolgt das Ziel einer skalierbaren emotionalen sowie kontextuell relevanten 1-to-1 Kommunikation mit den Endkunden und ist Gold Partner der führenden Marketing Technologie-Unternehmen Adobe, Marketo und Salesforce.

Bei Rückfragen stehen wir euch gerne unter gerne zur Verfügung.

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Solutions Architect

Posted on 11.2.19

We are looking to strengthen our cross-border tech team with a Solutions Architect.

At Avaus, we are guiding organizations in their digital transformation journeys, helping them become customer centric and supporting them in future proofing their business capabilities.

You will be a key player in understanding our customers’ business and needs and transforming that into technical solutions. An analytical and proactive approach will give you a head start in this role as well as a deep technical knowledge and a holistic view of the enterprise architecture. You are not afraid to challenge the status quo and you are able to provide customer centered solutions. This role is located in either Stockholm or Helsinki but some travel is required since you will be supporting our teams in all our offices.


Your key responsibilities will include

  • Translate strategic business requirements into technical solutions

  • Providing customer centered holistic solutions

  • Collaboration with the Avaus team as well as the customer team

  • Understand and engage in dialogue on strategic business factors in different industries and how that translates into technical requirements

  • Knowledge sharing within the organization


Who we think you are

As a Solution Architect we expect you to have extensive experience in developing technical solutions and having a broad technical understanding. You understand and are able to communicate with both our customers IT departments as well as their marketing departments. You have a developer background, strong communication skills and a consultative can-do attitude. It is of utmost importance that you have an understanding of the holistic technical view and understand how we can help and develop our customer’s systems and ways of working to achieve high quality end-customer communication. Integration environments vary and we believe you have made integrations to different systems. We often help to define integration methods together with our clients. We also think you are a fun person to work with, who enjoys the challenges of a cross-competence and cross-border team. You have a collaborative mindset and want to constantly develop both yourself and your colleagues.

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Technical Project Manager for our Stockholm Office

Posted on 26.3.19

We are now looking for a driven and ambitious individual to join the growing Avaus team in Stockholm!

As a Project Manager at Avaus you have the overall responsibility of your project’s success in terms of scope, quality, budget and schedule.

To succeed at Avaus you need to understand and be interested in our customer’s business. Understanding customer requirements and executing quality projects is our foundation for long term customer relationships. As a Project Manager you should be organized, analytical and have a proactive attitude and a genuine interest in tech/marketing.

You will be working in the intersection of business and technology. Earlier experience in managing projects within the digital marketing landscape is considered a benefit, but not a requirement. You don’t need to be a technology expert, but you need to work fluently with technical architects, developers and analysts.

Key responsibilities:

  • Defining the scope of the project in close collaboration with the Account Manager

  • Define project phases, milestones, major tasks and resource requirements

  • Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project

  • Managing project risks, including the development of mitigation and contingency plans

  • Ensure that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality

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Culture Cornerstones

We are company of diverse talent, ranging from data scientists to management consultants, and experience specialists to technology consultants. What we all share is the Avaus culture, embodied in our six culture cornerstones. As an employee, a customer, a partner or someone watching us from afar – you will notice that we care about:



Whether it is preparing a presentation, working on a piece of code or co-creating novel ideas with our customers – we believe that 1+1 is more than 2 when it comes to putting our brains to work.


Ambition and Mastery
We have different skill sets and interest areas, but what we all share is an ambition to excel in our chosen field, to continuously learn more and to broaden our perspectives by learning from each other.


Take Ownership
We take active ownership of the solutions we provide – we are seen as a trustworthy partner due to our agnostic approach, and we take ownership of the solution we recommend or build for our customers.


Human Touch
We are on this earth for a short time only – and besides doing the work that we care about and that matters to us, we care about our work-life balance, and having a creative working environment, both physically and socially.


We are not stiff, and compared to your typical consultancy we are a lot more relaxed to be around. No suits, rather ping-pong and Friday wine lottery. We have fun together, but also include our customers in that fun!


We are a growth company, and we are creating growth for our customers. If our customers are investing in us and not having a positive ROI, we don’t feel happy with our work.  We seek to produce tangible business results or the capabilities to deliver business results in the future.