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Growth continues – Avaus to hire 20 new people this spring

The marketing and advertising technology and creative content supplier Avaus Marketing Innovations Oy improved its result and increased its turnover by 26 % in 2015. Currently expanding its operations internationally, Avaus generated EBITDA of nearly EUR 900,000 from a turnover of EUR 8.1 million.

The growth was accelerated in the last quarter by the rapid launch of operations in Sweden and Poland, as well as new industrial accounts. Emma Storbacka, the head of the B-to-B operations of Avaus, is particularly pleased with the company’s industrial accounts, which now constitute half of the customer base.

“Wärtsilä and Kemira are good examples of industrial operators who believe in digital marketing on a global scale and are prepared to invest accordingly”, Storbacka says.

“Investments in technology and analytics come first, followed by new kinds of creative content”, says Creative Director Jyrki Poutanen of Avaus. Avaus combines striking concepts, data and technology; this is the core of the company’s expertise. “Many marketing professionals barely have one leg to stand on. We wish to help them take leaps forward as if they had three”, says Poutanen.

According to COO Tuomo Räsänen, the company’s Polish and Swedish operations have got off to a flying start. Avaus was able to time its international launch perfectly.

“We got our machinery up and running at exactly the time when about a dozen new accounts were taking off last autumn”, says Räsänen, who adds that the rapid growth is expected to continue in 2016. Avaus is looking to hire at least 20 new people in Finland, Sweden and Poland. In 2015, the personnel grew from 62 to 90 people, 15 of whom work outside Finland.


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