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Avaus’ Campaign for LähiTapiola: Wellbeing Comes from Great Co-Workers

“What is a good work community like?”


We created a brand concept for LähiTapiola that aims to change cultures in Finnish workplaces and build thought leadership around wellbeing at work. Positive feedback and recognising the value of your co-workers are the key factors towards a healthy and happy work community.


LähiTapiola and ELO are challenging Finnish companies to support the positive feedback and encourage employees to use it more in their daily work. The newly launched campaign – Praise your colleague – aims to increase awareness about how important great colleagues are to the whole company’s wellbeing.


The concept was launched with a brand film, using social experiment as a method of storytelling. In the film we see real employees hearing positive feedback from their colleagues. The film is currently spreading in social media channels, and it encourages everyone to publicly praise those people who make their workdays easier and help to build the company spirit.


Everyone of us is an important part of our work community, and our individual attitude has an enormous impact on the whole company’s wellbeing. Positive feedback that is said aloud is a hugely underused resource.” says Veikko Salonen, the business director of LähiTapiola.


LähiTapiola offers a unique work wellbeing service to its clients that is tailored to each company’s needs and helps to manage and sustain the employees’ ability to work. With this concept they are building thought leadership around wellbeing services at work.


The next phases of the campaign will continue the message, and LähiTapiola will reward those companies that invest in team spirit and encourage positive feedback among their employees.



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