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Avaus adds web analytics capabilities in Sweden with recruitment of Fulton Yancy

Fulton Yancy has been appointed Senior Web Analyst for Avaus Marketing Innovations in Sweden. He has worked with a wide array of web analytics solutions for both B2B and B2C customers since 1996.

Avaus, the data-driven marketing company, created a strong offering in Sweden in the customer analytics and data science field through its acquisition of analytics consultancy Actionbase in November 2016. While the Finnish analytics team leads on web analytics, the dual focus makes Avaus Sweden unique in the agency world where the focus is typically either/or.

“We are incredibly happy to add Fulton to our team – with him we are taking the first steps at developing our web analytics capabilities for our Swedish office, where previously customer analytics have been the dominating competence”, says Emma Storbacka, Country Manager of Avaus Sweden.

Fulton’s expertise is on web analytics utilisation combined with client training and tracking validation.
“I’m looking forward to expand the web analytics capabilities in Finland as well as enabling the growth of the web analytics presence of Avaus in Sweden”, says Yancy.

The current trend in the web analytics domain is integrating web clickstream data with CRM data in order to address questions of multi-channel attribution. Data integration combined with powerful data visualisation enables marketing ROI analysis that until now has been escaping most marketeers.

“Doing campaign or customer analytics separately from web analytics makes no sense in these days of interconnected, data-driven marketing”, Storbacka says. “In order to improve the measurability of marketing, we need to combine data sources, both offline and online. Having the best competences in both areas is crucial for Avaus.”


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