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Factory Accelerators

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The benefits of the Avaus Factory approach

As an Avaus Factory customer you have access to all the Factory Accelerators.

We’ll create a tailored approach for your business based on your priorities. The most suitable Factory Accelerators are selected to boost your business development.

Technical components

Technical components

Omni ID

Start combining your online and offline data in 10 days

Pipeline framework

Deploy new algorithms in weeks instead of months

Report library

Automate the business impact measurement of your efforts


Activate your marketing and sales channels in days

Feature store

Reduce time from up to -50% for data management

ML framework

Scale the number of algorithms without extra resources



Use case library

+200 best practise use cases to choose from

Audience framework

Effectively manage your audiences with 50+ automated processes

Operating model

Improve operational efficiency and break down organisational silos

Business case template

Set clear priorities and targets to ensure focus on what matters

Data models & taxonomy

Using a best practise approach ensures you’re not limited by the details

Algo leap trainings

Train your team and build in-house expertise

We’re ready when you are

This is the fastest road to a data-led future for your business

We know from experience that endless streams of pilots don’t change a company’s culture and they don’t deliver sustainable business results.

The Avaus Factory approach combines the right methods, technological capabilities and a culture built on mutual learning.

With Avaus Factory, we can accelerate your journey together.

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