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Case: Globally managing local digital marketing programs – governance model for Kemira

Avaus supports Kemira’s journey in creating global foundations for local digital marketing programs.


How to streamline the digital marketing actions of a global organization, with multiple business segments with local actions and scarce resources ?

The global MarCom organization were about to start the journey towards improving digital marketing activities and using e.g. marketing automation and targeted advertising to support sales activities.


Create digital marketing capabilities by developing processes and ways-of-working to support the execution of digital marketing initiatives in the local markets.

Processes, workflows and tools were created aiming to help, influence and educate key stakeholders responsible for Kemira’s digital marketing.


Toolbox for systematic planning, execution and assessment of digital marketing campaigns.

Campaign planning templates were created to support the setup stages. Clonable assets (e.g. emails) were designed to decrease campaign creation efforts. Reporting tools were established to assess campaign impact and performance.


Ability to efficiently plan, order and asses digital marketing actions while developing organizational capabilities

With the use of aligned tools and processes for campaign execution, a systematic and resource saving approach for digital marketing was created.  With each planned, executed and delivered program and/or campaign, the digital marketing know-how is increasing within the organization.

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