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Avaus Insights: State Of Analytics

The Nordics are perceived as a European forerunner in the adoption of new marketing technologies and advanced analytics. This survey is a step towards a better understanding of the present status of Nordic enterprises on the path to digital transformation.

As companies are embracing the opportunities of digital transformation and artificial intelligence, data and analytics have become a paramount strategic issue for enterprises. Analytics spending has become the biggest single item in the 2017 US marketing budgets.

We are seeing the emergence of the digitally transformed, data-centric enterprise where:

  • By 2021, 70% of digital advertising and marketing will be data-driven, augmented or automated using AI and machine learning  By 2020, 60% of B2B CMOs will be accountable for customer-oriented metrics such as those for loyalty, advocacy, and quality.  These will take their place alongside revenue-related metrics.
  • By 2021, at least 15% of Businesses’ standard customer experience decisions will be handled by algorithms, as companies shift from person-to-person (P2P) to machine-to-person (M2P) engagement and transaction.


At the core of this transformation is data-centricity and a dramatic upgrade of enterprise-analytic capabilities.

The study was conducted by Avaus Marketing Innovations, the leading data-driven marketing agency, together with ISS, the leading marketing research company. We asked Swedish and Finnish CMO’s, CTO’s and COO’s to assess the state of data and analytics in their companies, in four major areas:

  • Strategy and Business Objectives
  • Investments
  • People, Processes and Leadership
  • Tools and Technologies

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