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Audience management from strategy to operations: DMP use case template

The use case template is created as a tool where we introduce the most common use cases to start the journey to improve your customer’s experience with the help of a DMP. The template can be utilised in considering the use of a DMP or in the implementation process of a DMP solution.

The general and most common use cases for B2B and B2C companies are described in the template. There is space for you to describe and build use cases suitable for your business’ specific needs and logic. To get the most out of the DMP use case tool, look through the instructions for tips and useful information about ways to utilise it.

We are happy to support the facilitation of workshops, reviewing your plans and to help you in business case definition! Feel free to contact us.

Additional information about the creation of business cases to justify the DMP investment, you can find in our blog post here.

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