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CMO2020: Monthly reads in April

Want to keep up with what’s new in the world of sales-driven marketing? Want to ensure you’ve read what you should be reading? We will hook you up with the latest and the greatest links to blogs, slideshare, videos and demos each month. (Want to receive these as an email monthly? Sign up here)

Chiefmartec: 9 big takeaways from #MarTech conference

Here you have it, fresh from the conference! It’s interesting how many of the key points focus on ways of doing & organizing for technology-driven marketing – apparently technology is there, but the processes lack behind. One of the takeaways also refers to the next topic in our list.

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Techcrunch: There’s A $10 Billion Opportunity As Marketing Hits The Big Time

According to Bain Capital Ventures, we are about to see the first $5B+ marketing tech company emerge over the next four years. Also machine learning and data science mentioned – this is thought-provoking stuff!

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Whispond: The 2015 State of Marketing Automation

Curating the curated: here’s a list of statistics from Whispond.

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Social Media Today: It Takes a Motley Crew to Make Marketing Automation Team

As this article puts it, marketing automation requires quite a lot of organizing. A quote from the text: “Without these augmented resources and the strategy to go with them, marketing automation tools can become nothing more than an expensive email marketing engine”.

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The sales side of things

Every now and then it’s good to look at the world from the sales function perspective. So here you have three basics for funnel management – what should happen (in terms of size, shape and contents) after marketing generates high quality leads

Pipeline mgmt

Sounds straightforward, right? What about sales tech then? Everybody’s raving about martech, but there’s room for development in the sales tech market. A key aspect of sales tech development is the growing time spent on inside sales (i.e. everything in sales except field work). Take a look:

Sales tech

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