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CMO2020: Monthly reads for February

Want to keep up with what’s new in the world of sales-driven marketing? Want to ensure you’ve read what you should be reading? We will hook you up with the latest and the greatest links to blogs, slideshare, videos and demos each month. 


Chiefmartec: Marketing technology landscape 2015


Well, this here is an obvious one for us. According to Mr. Brinker, the number of marktech vendors has doubled in one year! Regardless of the growing number of vendors, we also see a lot of consolidation and platformization going on, especially when it comes to the big players (Adobe,

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HBR: Your Digital Strategy Shouldn’t Be About Attention

Umair Haque offers a mindset shift here. Marketers shouldn’t be asking how loyal can we make the customers, but instead they should ask how loyal are we to our customers. This is a good read for every marketer!

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Kapost: History of digital marketing technology

An interactive storyline about history and development of digital marketing technology. This brief history chronicles the explosive evolution in digital marketing technology, and explores the factors, companies, and innovations that fuelled it. Must read for those who have even smallest interest in digital marketing.

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Dynamic Yield: Why Most Marketers Fail at Web Analytics

Nowadays many companies have the data, but they are not doing anything with it or they don’t know how it is been collected. Yaniv Navot maps out good points how to gain sustainable analytics insights from the data.

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Viant: How Adobe is embedding its marketing cloud into thousands of mobile apps — and soon more

Mobile marketing automation is still in its infancy and the whole concept may sound a bit complicated. Yet, Adobe seems to be first of the big players going full throttle into a field that’s dominated by few fast growing startups.

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