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Boost your website traffic – 10 key tactics and 5 strategies

Are you tired of Search Engine Optimization techniques that are not improving your website traffic?

This article will reveal the key content marketing and search engine optimization strategies to boost your inbound traffic with little effort. Remember, there are many ways to drive traffic to your website without depending on search engines. However, most of the techniques will also improve your chance of getting to the first page of search engines. What are the content and SEO strategies?

Onpage content

A lot can be achieved by natural search engine optimization, the process of maximizing the potential of a website to reach organic traffic naturally. In most cases this can be quite a challenge and requires a capable SEO manager as an expert. However the most important factor to keep in mind: content is king and that’s where your inbound strategy should begin.

1. Do some research on search terms and create unique and impressive blogs on your site

One thing to remember is that organic visibility is about taking over a broad spectrum of search terms and it’s not only about the most popular search terms. Moreover organic traffic from longer search terms (for example: “a store selling cheap catfood”) seem to lead to beneficial action much more often.

This tactic can potentially be an excellent way to expand your overall reach on google. Integrate social share plug-ins and promote social sharing whenever possible and useful (do not degrade user experience). Also remember to integrate microdata if you are selling products! Create natural, engaging, interesting, preferably deep (long articles) content that can rank easily on a theme of keywords whenever possible. However keep in mind one or two primary keywords for the blog, but also try to get visibility on a broader spectrum; split into new blogs if you have to.  Make sure the content is fresh and about something new (new technology, event, news… etc). Write often and do not create duplicate content. Also do not underestimate the power of evergreen content. Try to be active in your content creation: improve your overall reach.

Types of content marketing, which get noticed

  • Funny / zany
  • Controversial (works in some cases, not so well in others)
  • Emotion provoking
  • Useful & interesting (most common)
  • Popular
  • News

Moreover professional blogs and content can secure your status as an authority or an expert. This in turn can lead to better business. Google is all about authority.

2. Use microdata to improve your CTR on search engines

Improve the Click through rate of your search results by including rich snippets that describe your content. This can potentially significantly improve your organic traffic volume

Offpage content

3. Create infographics and top 10 lists

Copy a top 10 list and create a new a top 50 or top 100 list. Create engaging an informative infographics offsite. Create Wiki sites, which have relevance to your website.

Offpage content & promotion

4. Promote visitors to write reviews and other offpage content whenever possible

Google is more and more capable in interpreting the semantics of offsite content thus improving the value and relevance of your websites to search queries. Be sure to keep track of your online reputation and tackle any reputation issues early and vigorously.

5. Do not underestimate the viral potential of videos!

Create engaging and interesting videos; integrate them to your site. Be funny, informative or provoke emotions. Also in some cases controversial videos can work to your benefit.


6. Social media presence

Imagine having 5000 visitors each from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ visiting your website every day, would you worry about SEO? Of course, you’ll still have visitors from your guest blog and forum. This technique can boost your inbound traffic without spending much money. Another thing about social media is that you don’t have to write unique content every time, you can share part of your blog post and direct visitors to read the full content in your website.

7. Email marketing

Are you still wondering why many websites have opted-ins? You need to start learning this technique if you truly want to drive huge amounts visitors to your website. Sending quality content to your subscribers can help you boost your inbound traffic and improve sales.

Link building

8. Create quality guest posts

Guest posting is not only for improving search engine ranking, but drives traffic to your site. Publishing unique articles and other guest posts on a high traffic websites can drive a lot of traffic to your website on a regular basis. However, while looking for a website to guest post, make sure you search for website in your niche. In addition to driving traffic to your website, guest posting also helps you to build quality backlinks that can enhance your search engine ranking.

9. Active forum participation

There are thousands of discussion forums where you can participate and drive huge traffic to your website. The reason why forum participation is a good tactic is that you can publish a fresh article and get thousands of people engaging. Furthermore, you can participate in open discussion and contribute meaningfully. This technique can also sell your brand to prospects.

Be warned!

Pay special attention to unnatural link patterns with guest posting and forum participation; these include the overuse of keyword terms in link anchor text. Do not generate 25 new links every day for instance. Also having too many links pointing to your site with highly relevant anchor texts can hurt you. Organic links (visitor initiated linking) are always better. However link building can be an essential part of a SEO strategy, especially in the beginning.

10. Try to get links from Wikipedia and dmoz to your website

Getting links from a very high authority site such as Wikipedia and Dmoz can be challenging. You could try to submit info of your site yourself, but a better approach is to try to get the links submitted by an insider. This can be a great boon for your website.


With these ten search engine optimization and content tactics to boost your inbound traffic, your website would soon become popular to the extent that people will enter your URL in their browser without searching in search engines. Then again, all these techniques will boost your website ranking and overall organic reach driving more and more visitors to your site. Remember however that SEO plays a vital role in support of your business. Between 60 – 80% of all website traffic is usually organic.

Hire a search engine company, which can improve your google rankings, but also improve your organic visibility overall. Good SEO services by a capable SEO company can be a great investment.

Most of all remember to create engaging and creative content both onpage and offpage.

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