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Sime Stockholm 2018: Don’t mess with my algo!

“Unused data is a curse,” “Be passionate and dare to try the new,” “Start small, scale up with AI,” “Don’t mess with my algo!” On the 14-15th November, Avaus attended Sime as a partner. It was an inspiring two days filled with great panel discussions, new viewpoints and encounters, e.g. with the ‘robotic girlfriend’, Harmony, Oobah Butler (the mastermind behind the non-existent Shed restaurant in London), and Max Tegmark (MIT/Life 3.0) among others.

What really got us thinking, was Sana Lab’s Joel Hellemark’s talk about using AI in education. For centuries, academia has been teaching with a one-size-fits-all model. We read the same books, attend the same classes and take the same exams. However, our ways and needs to learn are unique. Sana’s approach is to utilise AI to individualise and closely personalise content for the needs of each student. When algorithms are introduced into education, learners can save time (-50%), are more engaged (+25-30%) and achieve better outcomes (+50%). Amazing, right? When it comes to marketing and customer experiences, it’s the same thing. Offering unique, form-fitted experiences and messages to individuals will not only boost your financial results, but also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Data to the people!


It was also great to share our experiences with others on stage. Our CEO, Emma Storbacka, talked about the expanding importance of algorithmic experiences. How can we create better experiences for our customers? By giving back the data that they have been giving to us for years, of course! Just look at Spotify’s weekly recommendations or Google Maps, who knows how likely you are to enjoy a particular café in the neighbourhood. Watch Emma’s talk HERE.

Tom Nickels, senior adviser and founding partner, shared food for thought when talking about the ethical side of AI and how we can use it as a force for good. We consumers increasingly tend to outsource our daily decisions to algorithms, such as different recommendation engines telling us where to eat next, just to make our lives a little bit easier. We trust those who seem to know what they are doing, with having our best interest in mind. As companies and marketers, we need to think about what happens when that ‘best interest’ of the customer conflicts with that of the company, making sure that we find common ground in making a profit, and caring for the customer.


Chief Strategy Robot for hire


Veli-Pekka Julkunen talked about the Chief Strategy Robot. We are surely all familiar with how AI can be used to increase efficiency and accuracy in personalised, specific activities towards the customers, such as sending relevant recommendations based on previous actions.  But what happens when you use AI to make strategic, top-level decisions? A strategy robot can, for example, help tell us how we should position ourselves in the market to best drive growth – quite accurately might we add – so why not use machine learning as an assistant for something that takes a human much longer to do, with much less accuracy?

You’re probably thinking “That sounds really nice, how can I do that?” If you joined Ilona Vigren’s expert talk about value realisation through growth hacking practices, you already got some insight on how we at Avaus work with helping our clients transform their ways of working to get a measurable, positive return on their marketing efforts.

The talk of the town? Use your data wisely, build trust and give back to your customers!

Janna Pollari, Avaus

All our presentations are available for downloading in the link.


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