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Avaus Exports

We remember exactly when it happened. In early 2014 Avaus was contacted by several industrial companies. Someone had put in a kind word for us. The queries were different from the ones we were used to. Many said that they have decided to invest in marketing automation software and that they already had made their choice of technology. Could Avaus help with the implementation?

Avaus started out as B2C marketing service provider, but now half of our new business comes from B2B companies: paper and pulp, machinery, business services and others.

One hundred companies represent 70 percent of 57 billion euros worth of total exports from Finland. One hundred companies equals one hundred SVP:s of sales and marketing. Each of them have an export budget of slightly less than 400 million euros.

Early on we wanted to reform consumer marketing in Finland. Now we have a second mission – to develop competitive advantages for our industry in the global marketplace by means of new marketing.

First, new technologies and data profoundly transformed retail and travel marketing. Now heavy metal and other industries are following suit. The principles are the same, only the techniques vary.

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