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5 things that makes a new parent a great employee

As a new parent, juggling work with family time can be challenging. But are there some things that have improved since parenthood struck?


1. You have become seriously time efficient



There is no time to loose and any task that requires your full attention will get just that. You will finish your task sooner rather that later because when its home time your focus is required at home. Focus has become a hard currency and you cherish the moments when you can work uninterrupted. 

Ask yourself, what creates value at this point in time? For your clients, colleagues, your family? Is it scrolling endlessly on Instagram? Probably not. Set a time cap on social media each day, unless you are actively communicating. 15 minutes/ per day/ all social media would suffice (you heard me, Millenials!).

If you don’t have billable work, jump on to sales (as simple as asking a client what else they would need). Write a blogpost on your area of expertise. Ask your colleagues if they need help. Put on a pot of coffee if it’s finished. See point four on small things that matter…


2. Did I hear work life balance ninja



This might be a controversial one but suddenly you are forced to find a good balance for yourself. We live in an age where we are expected to have it all and, sorry to break the news, you are not able to have it all. You have to pick your priorities. For example, having children and a job is more than enough for a period in your life. You don’t have to be in a great shape, only eat healthy or fulfill all of your social obligations. You take the shortcuts you can to simplify and make things easier for yourself. 

Here are some things that helps:

  • Order food to your home from for example (shameless plug for one of our clients)
  • Have a cleaning lady (in 2019 you don’t have to be ashamed of this anymore).
  • Involve your family. Sure you wouldn’t spend a weekend away with them but they can help out with the kids pickups.


3. You can manage your stress levels



Stress levels has taken on a whole new level since becoming a parent and it is doubtful that any incident at work can muster the same reaction as your own children. This means that everyday stress levels at work are kept to a minimum. You have basically adopted the classic ”No worries” attitude straight from Down Under. 


4. You appreciate the small things



I will keep this short and sweet. Eating lunch. Locking the door after yourself when going to the bathroom. Drinking your coffee HOT. These are a few things that makes your day.


5. Communication excellence mastery



If you have ever tried to reason with a two-year old, striking up a conversation with an executive, at any level, does not intimidate you. Also, your negotiating skills have improved significantly. Along with bribing and threatening, but we leave that outside of work. 


Lets be honest, you may not see your colleagues with small babies after 3pm and you will struggle to convince them to stay for an afterwork beer. But trust me, there will come a time for that too. 


Kristin Drakenberg

Strategy Consultant