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4 Must Haves from Las Vegas Adobe Summit 2019

Mar 22, 2019

Summit is a highlight of the year for us Marketo nation members using the platform. Now Marketo has a new home at Adobe Summit. On Monday the 24th March the Summit kicks off in Las Vegas, providing whole week of expert talks and gathering over 15 000 marketeers together!

Summit provides great insights and ideas also online, here are Avaus tips to follow during the week:



1. Account Based Marketing: Unleash the Secrets of Successful account-based Marketing

Account based marketing is turning as one of the success factors for B2B marketing. New technologies are rolling out, but the method is the same for them all. How to define the key accounts, report their engagement and provide relevant content?

This session is listing the concrete next steps for how to plan, engage and measure, also opening up how artificial intelligence can help in building, prioritizing and enriching the target accounts list in a matter of seconds!

Session Time and place at the Summit:

Thursday, March 28, 01:00 PM – 01:45 PM | Wynn-Mouton 1-2


2. Case study: How Cisco Meraki Drives Global Personalization

Case studies are a great source of inspiration! Learn from the best practises of Cisco, the session is about how:

  • B2B user journeys and how dynamic personalization can increase lead generation and revenue
  • Leveraging Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics to engage your audiences and deliver personalized content in your brand experiences
  • How Marketo surfaces content in the Experience Manager powered experience to create a path to personalization

Session Time and place at the Summit: 

Tuesday, March 26, 05:30 PM – 06:30 PM


3. Marketo Sky: Game-changing Experiences: Inside the Enhanced Marketo Sky

In April 2018, the Marketo Sky beta experience was finally rolled out. As we’ve moved into 2019 more features will be added to the new interface and we can wait to leverage the full capabilities of Sky. To learn all about the existing possibilities and future innovations we highly recommend the speaker session where Adobe will share:

  • Ideas for getting more done in less time with Marketo
  • Creating a more efficient partnership with sales
  • A clear view of the capabilities rolling out in 2019

Session Time and place at the Summit:

Tuesday, March 26, 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM | Venetian – Palazzo N


4. The Biggest Marketing Trends For 2019

A recent study shows that 80% of business decision-makers said that improving their company’s customer experience was among their top priorities in the year ahead. So was increasing customer loyalty (81%). McKinsey partner and global lead of digital marketing operations, Jason Heller, and Adobe VP of marketing and customer insights, John Copeland, deep dive into what’s in store for marketing in 2019.

This session covers marketing trends, such as:

  • Data-driven creativity as a strategic differentiator
  • The shift toward experiential commerce to build loyalty
  • Personalisation and connecting content and data ethically
  • Account-based marketing for a B2B advantage
  • Emerging tech for truly transformative experiences

Session Time and place at the Summit:

Wednesday, March 27, 08:30 AM – 09:30 AM | Venetian – Palazzo K


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