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Avaus Salesforce Marketing Cloud use case library



Struggling to get your world-class marketing technology to deliver the expected business results at scale? Salesforce Marketing Cloud reveals a universe of possible use cases, but most organisations are unable to implement more than just a fragment of these. With Avaus’ Library approach we have established a new method to automate hundreds of journeys at speed.


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Your challenge

When your team isn’t able to deliver more than just a few use case per year, the expectations on your new system are rarely met:

  • Too little customer experience impact/improvement
  • A low or even negative ROI
  • Effort spent on single channel or not on high-value use cases


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Our use case library approach

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud use case library ramps up your productivity and enables you to define and implement large quantities of use cases at speed. Our approach consists of:

  • A library of +350 use cases, end-to-end and across channels
  • Recommended use cases based on objectives & industry
  • Avaus factory model delivery to start hands-on implementation
  • Implementation of the use cases in volumes based on the priorities

How to get started?

  • Reach out to book the first meeting where we agree on the business objectives
  • Get our recommendation to select a set of use cases 
  • Initiate the Avaus factory delivery for fast results
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