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Avaus Expert Talks
Stockholm & Live Stream

21st October // 13.00 – 17.00 CEST

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Never before has data been as critical for your success

In the midst of global turmoil and business uncertainties, leaders have to resolve two challenges at once: adapt to the accelerated digitalisation of everything, while increasing operational efficiency.

Learn about Intelligent Growth from leaders making it happen: DNA, Aller Media, Atlas Copco, If, Tallink Silja & Scott Brinker.


Download videos from the event

See videos from AET Helsinki 2020 here

Scott Brinker

“Martech 2030: 5 Trends in Marketing Technology for the Decade Ahead”

VP Platform Ecosystem, Hubspot & Editor

The 2020’s have had a tumultuous start. Yet for all the challenges of this year, it has taught us that people and organizations — even large organizations — can adapt quickly when we must. That agility will serve us well in the decade ahead. To glimpse into the martech future, and recognize its origins today, we’ll examine five major trends in marketing technology that will shape marketing strategy and operations over the next 10 years:
1. “No Code” Citizen Creators
2. Platforms, Networks & Marketplaces
3. The Great App Explosion
4. From Big Data to Big Ops
5. Harmonizing Human + Machine


Scott Brinker has been analyzing marketing technology and its impact on marketing organizations for more than a decade. He writes the blog and serves as the program chair of the MarTech conference series. He serves as VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, helping to grow and nurture the company’s community of technology partners. And he authored the best-selling book Hacking Marketing, about adapting software management practices — such as agile methodologies — to marketing teams. Connect with him on Twitter @chiefmartec.

Sofie Perslow, Aller Media Sweden

On your marks – data – action!

Head of Tech & Analytics, Aller media

Sofie is a dedicated data nerd with a passion for leadership and development. After a few years as a management consultant Sofie found her niche in working with customer focused development and has ever since been leading data driven transformation journeys, currently at Aller Media Sweden. Sofie loves to work with really complex things and when not doing that she and her team are now building a data lake, media platforms of the future, new revenue streams and more.

 Sofie will talk about the first 365 days as Head of Tech and analytics at Aller Media and what guiding principles (and secret weapons) she use to build a product development organisation and data driven culture from 0 to 100 at speed.


Marcus Risberg, TallinkSilja Sweden

“Fireside chat: Managing a business through the covid-19 turmoil” 

CEO, TallinkSilja Sweden

How does it feel to run an organisation that can’t operate? How do you lead through a crisis like covid-19? And how do you prepare for the eventual return to business as usual – these are some of the topics that we will get a unique opportunity to hear from a leader who has faced the eye of the covid-19 storm.


Jerker Olofsson, Atlas Copco

“Digitalising a global B2B salesforce – lessons learned”  

VP Sales Development, Atlas Copco

Jerker has a strong background working with sales & business development and strategy. As the Global Sales and Marketing Manager and later as the Vice President of Global Sales Development he knows the challenges of digitalising a global B2B salesforce from creating the winning strategy to adopting new technologies.

He will share the learnings from driving digitalisation of the workforce at Atlas Copco, starting with digital marketing as a support for sales, all the way to virtualisation of the sales process during covid-19.


Aarno Hakokari, If P&C Insurance

“How If has created an actionable marketing data asset on Google Cloud technology”

Product Owner of Web Behavior & Marketing Data, If P&C Insurance

Aarno has several years of experience in designing and developing data driven marketing technology capabilities at If P&C Insurance, after having worked with CRM development as a management consultant.
Aarno loves seeing the value of bringing data into action in a privacy and customer friendly way. He is also eager about bridging data and technology with business.


Per Öberg, Google

“How If has created an actionable marketing data asset on Google Cloud technology”

Smart Analytics Customer Engineer, Google

Per Öberg is a Cloud Architect for Google Cloud Sweden focusing on Smart Analytics. Predominantly he works in the retail and insurance verticals. Per is a strong spokesman for data driven organisations, digital transformation and open source.


Kati Sulin, DNA

“Across omnichannel customer journeys”

Chief Digital Officer, DNA

Kati Sulin is one of the most inspiring digital leaders in the Nordic. With a relentless focus on improving customer experience and commercial results across the customer lifecycle, she has been able to lead DNA, the challenger teleoperator  in Finland to the position it is today – with both happy customers as well as sound business growth as a result.

In this presentation you will hear how Kati and her team have increased the automation level beyond what most companies can only dream about.


Emma Storbacka, Avaus

“Obsession worthy concepts in the post-covid world: Data and Automation”

CEO, Avaus

Emma Storbacka is the CEO of Avaus. She believes all companies will be driven by algorithms in the future. Emma has strong experience working in management advisory for marketing transformation for global organisations, developing their digital marketing initiatives by breaking silos and bringing marketing and technology closer to each other.

“Marketing and sales leaders have been struggling in becoming data-driven since the concept was introduced. One of the fundamental questions seem to be what being data-driven actually means? And how do you measure if you are data driven or not?” In this presentation, Emma will take us through the meaning of the concept and focus on the key piece which makes all the difference: Automation. In order to turn data into business results, be it sales growth or higher efficiency, leaders have two paradoxical challenges to deal with – customer centricity and operational efficiency. How to combine the both? How to organise for data drivenness, customer centricity and operational efficiency?

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